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Getting Started

  1. What is Flatmin?
  2. How does Flatmin help a big flat?
  3. How does Flatmin help a small flat?
  4. Can Flatmin help us if we don't care about splitting bills?
  5. Do we need to have a Flat Account?

What is Flatmin?

Flatmin is an online tool that helps you manage your flat! Flatmin keeps track of all your bills and who's paid what. Now you don't need to keep a spreadsheet (if you were organized to begin with), and you can keep your flat organized with minimal hassle!

How does Flatmin help a big flat?

When there are lots of people in a flat, it's can be hard on one person to keep track of who's paid there share of the bills. Flatmin makes it easier on that person, as they can keep the bills and payments organized in Flatmin. Flatmin also reminds you when you can expect your next bill from your providers, so you don't forget to pay!

Usually when there are lots of people, someone won't want to partake in shared expenses of some sort (i.e. food). Flatmin makes it easier to charge costs to individuals, rather than the whole flat, so that only the people who use things have to pay for them. Flatmin keeps track of 'IOUs' between flatmates, and the money in the Flat Account (and who that money belongs to).

How does Flatmin help a small flat?

Again, Flatmin helps you keep track of your bills, when they're coming in, and when you need to pay them. If you use a Flat Account, Flatmin will keep track of how much is in it and how much of each person's money is in the Flat Account. Jim pays every Thursday, but Alice pays every 2nd Monday? No worries - Flatmin has that covered.

Smaller flats often have the situation where someone wants something that others don't. For example, if Tim loves to download a lot on the internet, but Sally barely uses it - when you add your Internet bill, you can charge Tim a bit more to keep it fair. Flatmin knows exactly how much money in the Flat Account is left from what Tim has put in, and from what Sally has put in!

Can Flatmin help us if we don't care about splitting bills?

At the moment, Flatmin needs to split up bills and charge them to individual Flatmates. But, that doesn't mean you can't use Flatmin if you don't care about that!

You can use Flatmin to keep track of your bills and providers, whether you've paid them on time, and when the next ones are coming in. Plus, you might also like some of the features that we'll introduce in the future!

Do we need to have a Flat Account?

Absolutely not! In fact, Flatmin makes it tons easier to not use a Flat Account than what it used to be.

If Cameron pays the Internet bill with his own money, he can just add a Bill that says everyone else has to pay him back. If Sarah pays the Power bill, Flatmin is smart enough to balance out what she owed Cam for her share of the Internet. Awesome, huh!