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Powershop is a new and better way of buying electricity. We’re the world’s first online shop for electricity to home and business.

Reasons to join Powershop

We’ve bought service to the electricity business
People join Powershop to save money, but they stay for another reason – service. Better than they’ve had before. Consumer NZ say we have the highest customer satisfaction of any power retailer for their annual survey, ever.

There’s no need to be afraid of your power bill
No one wants to be pay too much for power, and no one wants a heart attack in the post every month. Our prices are as low as we can possibly make them, tailored to your region, your usage, and your metering – and they represent the whole cost, no mystery daily fixed charges or other fishhooks added later. And, you choose when and how you pay.

We’ve put you in the driver’s seat
If you want to save power and money what you need is information and control. We’ll send you a proper report that tells you what things cost and where the money’s going. You can even read your meter (it’s very easy) and enter the results into your account for a real time update.

We’ve made it easier to switch
Switching power companies sounds like hard work but it’s not. It’s unbelievably simple. We’ll arrange the switch from your old retailer. You can choose to manage and monitor your power using Powershop or let us do it all for you.

Join Powershop!
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